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What type of lenses and lens coatings do you offer?

Essilor Transition Lenses

  • Clear inside and at night

  • Adapt spontaneously to sunlight and various other lighting conditions. - reduce eye fatigue and less squinting in the light

  • Offer the convenience of having one pair of glasses for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Offer 100% UVA and UVB ray absorption.

  • Are available in both brown and grey

  • Available in a range of designs, materials and styles to suit any frame /style

Essilor Multi-Coated / Anti-Reflective Coating

  • Provide daily comfort with the multi-layered coatings including;

  • Transparency for better clarity of vision

  • Anti-static properties to avoid dust deposition

  • Water repellence

  • Smudge-resistant coating to avoid fingerprints

Essilor Hard Coating

  • a scratch resistant coating for improved durability

Essilor True Tint Sun Lenses

  • Provide 100% UVA and UVB protection

  • Can be available in a grey or brown solid

  • Offer a fashion forward solution to prescription sun wear

  • Can be available in a variety of materials depending on your needs and lifestyle.

  • No hi-index available for true tint lenses, only available up to a -4.00 combined prescription

How to get a Combined Prescription?


Sph + Cyl

Example: -3.00 Sph, -1.25 Cyl, combined prescription is -4.25

Example: +1.50 Sph, -1.50 Cyl, combined prescription is 0


Hi-Index/Double Hi-Index/ Triple Hi-Index

Each hi index upgrade will result in a noticeably thinner lens

Recommended prescription per hi-index lens:

  • Hi-index = Combined prescription of -3.00

  • Double hi-index = Combined prescription of -6.00

  • Triple hi-index = Combined prescription of -9.00

How can I order polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses will be shown in the product window. Not all frames will come polarized, but Oyesum Optiks has taken great care to make sure to offer polarized lenses to all the frames that can have polarization.